retraite Bali 28 janvier au 7 février 2020

Et si on vous emmenait au bout du monde..dans un cadre paradisiaque pour une retraite de yoga !!

Ubud, situé dans le centre de Bali, est connu pour ses rizières, ses ravins escarpés et la jungle qui l’entoure : une ambiance reposante pour un voyage zen et dépaysant ! La religion dominante sur l’île étant l’Hindouisme, le Yoga fait partie intégrante de la culture….

Nous avons tout pensait pour 10 jours de rêve à Ubud.

vous ferez un min. 50h de pratique (yoga, pranayamas, kryas, philosophie, méditation).

Vous pratiquerez :

Iyengar & hatha dynamique, pranayama, kryas, méditation, philosophie…

Ubud regorge de possibilités de visites et excursions.

Notre hébergement est un lieu typiquement « indonésien » situé dans la campagne d’Ubud au coeur de la jungle et des rizières. Ce centre de retraite de yoga est très très confortable mais ce n’est pas un hôtel de luxe, c’est un lieu tout en éco-construction, en bois, équipée d’une piscine, de chambres individuelles ou à partager. Ce lieu est privatisé pendant notre retraite. Nous en ferons l’usage exclusif !

India une professeure d’inspire yoga est allée pour nous en reconnaissance lors de son voyage à Bali. Elle a visité pour nous différents hébergements et celui ci répondait à tous nos critères. en rencontrant les hôtes, elle a pu nous confirmer qu’ils étaient ultra gentils et professionnels.

Cette retraite est animée par Robert Knoss (professeur de yoga Iyengar) & Camille Roux (professeure d’hatha dynamique)


1450€ avant le 30 juillet, 1800€ après cette date. Comprend l’enseignement, l’hébergement et la pension complète. Ce tarif n’inclut pas le vol et l’assurance annulation.

env. 600€ Une participante à la retraite à trouvé ses billets à 485€, tarif affiché en juin…..

Modalités d’inscription : votre inscription à la retraite sera enregistrée dès réception du paiement de l’acompte de 500€ avant le 30 juillet ou 800€ après cette date, non remboursable.

l’hébergement et la pension complète seront a payer sur place à notre hébergeur Rahasia Manis.

Tarif accompagnant: 

Votre conjoint, ou un ami, souhaite vous accompagner mais ne veut pas pratiquer ?  nous avons pensé un tarif pour eux !! 900€ pour la pension complète et l’hébergement.


lundi 8 juillet à 20h on vous présente la retraite et son programme !! 

Voici des photos Rahasia Manis notre gîte.


voici le mail envoyé par notre interlocuteur de Rahasia Manis où nous serons hébergé. Ce mail vous donne plein de détails sur l’hôtel et ses alentours..


For your interest, Rahasia Manis means “Sweet Secret”
Our Location
We are located on the edge of a traditional Balinese Village called Bayad and 13 kms, 25 mins north of Ubud, amid luscious rice fields, on the edge of virgin jungle.
We are a one and a half hour drive from the airport. One hours drive from the nearest beaches and half an hour from Kintamani, the nearest mountainous area.
The altitude is higher than Ubud and the coastal regions of Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Sanur and Denpasar. Consequently although it is tropical it is not as hot as those areas. At night you may be grateful for the quilts provided in your room. As you get accustomed to the weather the evenings sometimes will call for a light long sleeved top.
If you plan to travel to Kintamani, just 30 minutes away, you will probably need something to cheat the chill breeze as you ascend.
If you arrive during the day you will appreciate our unique and private location, surrounded by working rice fields. The farming community start work early, any time from dawn. So don’t be surprised if you hear chatter and the stirrings of daily life as you lie in bed, not to mention the cockerels stirring us all to wake.
The bottom of the property is bordered by virgin jungle that drops steeply to a valley with a river. The river is not accessible to guests as it’s sacred, and a very steep climb.
The locals keep cows in small enclosures throughout the jungle so also don’t be surprised if you hear the occasional moo!
Vehicles do not have direct access to the properties. So you will be required to walk a short distance along a paved rice field path. It is about 60 cm wide and takes around three to 4 minutes. A short section of about 5 metres is roughly laid with bricks. This may prove difficult for the infirm, but is not a problem for the majority of people.
The path is unlit, so you are advised to bring a torch for excursions at night.
Don’t worry about carrying your luggage along the path, on arrival and check out staff will be available to help.
Please always advise us of your arrival time so we can plan your assistance.
We are at a higher elevation here than Ubud and as such there are far fewer mosquitoes around us but they are evident, so it is worth preparing to bring bug repellents. We actively manage the environment to keep breeding grounds to a minimum.
Look out for the Firefly shows at night over the rice fields. Turn off the lights pull up a seat and enjoy the free display.
Ants are part of life here. They are foragers and have a very keen sense for food. Within minutes, a dropped crumb will be detected. For your own comfort please be mindful of clearing away traces of your meals and snacks.
The area is teeming with birds and wildlife including small lizards and the local Tocay (Ghecko) that call to each other across the distances, through the night. They are loud, beautiful, but much smaller than they sound.
Occasionally creatures might « trespass » (they have no idea of what man-made boundaries mean). However, the staff clean thoroughly and daily, so be assured that we move them on and there are no actual « residents ». Also wildlife dislike sharing space with humans so will vacate readily at your movements.
Our neighbour’s cats, John, Betty and Karen are effective in keeping some wildlife out of the houses. Affectionate yet independent they are part of your retreat. Their staff will take care of their needs. Please do not feed them. They’re happier hunting.
The Houses
Many of the houses you will stay in are antique traditional wooden Javanese houses that have been modified and re erected here in Bali. We describe ourselves as having created sustainable rustic luxury. They are not concrete built hotel rooms but retain the erratic natural beauty of man made structures.
We do not have Air Conditioning but most rooms have fans. It’s unlikely that you’ll need them.
We have staff that cover between the hours of 8am until 7pm.
We have nine full time staff, made up of 5 housekeepers, 2 gardeners and a manager called Ilhu, and a Coordinator called Ketut.
Ilhu and Ketut speak English. The others have limited English but understand more than they speak. They are shy but keen to try so please be patient with them and encourage them. All of them are delightful and help each other at busy times. They are our family here in Bali. You will be touched by their sensitivity.
Here are the mobile and Whatsapp numbers for the English speakers on site.
Ilhu is Manager at Rahasia Manis: +62 813 37566637
Ketut is Coordinator at Rahasia Manis +62 812 37537696
Your designated group/workshop liaison should be contacted for questions regarding your course or workshop and timetabling.
Ketut should be your point of contact for questions regarding housekeeping.
The Village
It is safe and interesting for you to walk through the village. The facilities there are basic. There are a few shops selling snacks, batteries, soft drinks, beers etc, but it’s limited. It’s best to be prepared with your favourite products before arrival. Otherwise a trip to Ubud will fulfil most of your needs.
A number of mobile warungs (eating places) arrive to serve food on the streets around 5pm daily and there are some small eateries in the village. Beware, the food is spicy! Larger places are further off in Tampaksiring and Tegallalang, around 4kms away.
Religion and Offerings
Bali is a Hindu island and the culture is steeped in it. Daily offerings are made in each house and the temples on site, this is a necessary daily Balinese ritual. One of the magic aspects of staying in Bali. Watch as the staff prepare and offer prayers for your safety and theirs. Photography is fine.
Please be aware that if you enter any of the small temples over the property that you must show respect by dressing appropriately. Ketut can advise you on this. Thank you for respecting this, it is of significant importance to the Balinese.
This happens daily and is a necessary part of the management of the properties. The tropics necessitates the need for constant cleaning and maintenance of rooms.
Unless you expressly ask, your bed will be made and the rooms cleaned each day.
Internet and Electricity
We have free unlimited access to the Internet via our own tower. It is mostly reliable and strong, however, it can be affected by heavy rain. Please be patient, it will resume.
Please also be aware and mindful that downloading and streaming will affect everyone’s access.
Also, with regard to electricity, Indonesia is still a third world country and occasionally, usually for brief amounts of time, there can be issues with the it. Please be patient, it is normally back on or back up to full power fairly quickly. If the electricity is affected the strength of the water supply will also be affected
This is a safe area, we have never encountered a problem, however we are not responsible for any valuables left in the houses unattended. There is a strong secure safe in most houses, please keep your travel documents, money, laptops and any other valuables in there.
Other Services Available for you.
Please ask if you require:
Laundry cleaned
Scooter rental
Massage on site
We hope that you find yourselves able to relax and fully appreciate our magical surroundings, and with the help of our friendly staff, enjoy your stay. We are committed to your stay being delightful and memorable.
Warm regards from the Team at Rahasia Manis